What is online learning? It is one of the most significant developments to have taken place in the world of education for many years. Online learning has given to millions of people a wonderful opportunity to become better qualified, enhance their careers and to experience positive change in their lives. Around 4 million people in the U.S. alone have already seized this opportunity to become online students, and millions more worldwide have now made the same decision to take advantage of online learning. When you learn you are in the process of acquiring skill or knowledge. “Online learning” simply describes the way you access this, where learning content is delivered via the internet and other new media technologies such as MP3s, PDAs and iPods. This profoundly important facility is now used by educational institutions in many countries to enable millions of people of all ages and backgrounds to have easy access to knowledge and to teachers. It means that you can move from ad-hoc online learning to a completely new level. This is where a structured approach is taken to learn from a particular body of knowledge that interests you, and where dedicated teaching staff can help and guide you all the way to a degree or other qualification. What are advantages & benefits of online learning? Convenience You take the classroom with you and access it when you want, so it fits around your schedule. Affordable Say goodbye to all financial issues like convenience meals, childcare expenses, as well as the money would have had to spend reach campus thirty minutes away. With the availability of online courses, you can study from the comfort of your own home, without having to face the many financial hardships that come with having to attend traditional college. You can study from anywhere in the US, Canada, Australia ,UK, or anywhere in the world whatever you are. No wasted time travelling to lectures No fixed lecture times so you study when you want, fitting it in around your work or family life. Richer class discussion Some people say that they get more out of online learning because they find that there is richer class discussion. In a lecture theatre, the shy, less confident students tend not to contribute to class discussion. When you are online, you have time to think about a meaningful contribution and therefore you are more confident about sharing your views. You also end up talking with more people because it is easier to approach people online. Some classes allocate marks according to your individual contributions because this is seen as important for your overall understanding of the subject. Deeper interaction with learning content Another reason people prefer online learning is that you can absorb information at your own pace and be more thorough about engaging in the learning content. For example when you’re in a lecture hall, if you miss what the lecturer said, it’s gone forever. However, online students can rewind over lectures, or research points that the lecturer has made before moving on to their next point. More friendships developed Because it’s easier to interact with people online you end up speaking with more students and making more friendships at a deeper level. Also, there is a good chance of meeting with them down the line at a class reunion, or you might be able to organise an informal meet-up with your local classmates. Diversity of views Because students can be located anywhere, you will most probably be studying with people from different states or countries. This means that you will encounter a rich diversity of views held by people from completely different walks of life! Courses and degree available All degrees can be studied and obtained online, start form Language courses, technical and professional courses, Diploma and high diploma, Bachelor Degree, Master degree, even PhD can be obtained via online study. Courses Almost all courses can be studied and learnt by online study Accounting Finance & Bookkeeping Courses Agriculture, Arboriculture & Horticulture Courses Animal Care Courses Architecture Courses Arts & Design Courses Automotive Courses Aviation Courses Beauty Therapy Courses Business & Management Courses Career Development Courses Childcare Courses Coaching Courses Community & Aged Care Courses Construction & Buliding Courses Counselling Courses CPD Courses Customer Service Courses Disability Doula Training Courses Education Courses Engineering Courses English Language & TESOL Courses Environmental Courses Event Management Courses Fashion Courses First Aid Training Courses Fitness Courses Floristry Courses Government Courses Hairdressing courses Health & Medicine Courses Hobbies & Lifestyle Courses Hospitality Courses IT – Desktop Applications Courses IT – Technical Courses Journalism, Media Courses Language Courses (Foreign) Legal courses Literature Courses Make-up courses Massage Courses Mechanic Courses Microsoft Courses Multimedia Courses Music Courses Natural & Physical Sciences Courses OH&S Courses Philosophy & Religion Courses Photography Courses Process Management Courses Professional Development Courses Psychology Courses Real Estate Courses Retail Courses RSA RCG Courses Sales & Marketing Courses Science Courses Security Courses Share Trading & Investments Courses Surfing Courses Tourism Courses Trades / Manufacturing Courses Traffic Controller Courses Training & Assessment TAA Courses Transport and Logisitcs Courses Wedding Planner Courses Writing, Editing & Publishing Courses. How to apply? It’s easy to apply for an online course You can apply online here or within the course list pages by clicking ‘apply online now’ to complete your application. It usually takes 10-15 minutes but please ensure that you complete each section as fully as possible in order to assist in the consideration of your application. We may need to ask you for certified copies of your documents at a later point but scanned copies do allow us to make a fully informed decision on your application much quicker.