The Department of Human Resources is today one of the most important administrative functions of any facility, and is now no less important than the rest of the other functions: marketing, production, finance, due to the back of the importance of the human race and its impact on the productive efficiency of the facility. Training and development is a preparation of human resources and labor rehabilitation, Valmncoh that you want to be distinguished from those to provide access to skilled staff and this can be achieved only through training and continuous development of its members.
We are pleased to accompany your staff for study and training abroad, we have many contracts with the highest and finest educational institutions, governmental and private training all over the world.
We will provide you time and effort because we elaborately we complete all the transactions from the admissions and visa procedures and travel arrangements from insurance travel and ticketing to secure the reception of the airport, transportation, and provide adequate housing with Almtabahalmstmrh and send reports to the Corporation and many other services.

The most important training courses:

  • Learning English and preparing for TOEFL and IELTS exams
  • General English and English for Business
  • Computer courses of all kinds
  • Security and safety courses
  • Sessions of the oil sector engineers

And many other courses …