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Pier Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

PIER Qualified Education Agent

ICEF Agency 2010-2011
ICEF Agency 2010-2011

and many others under process why partner with Student of Tomorrow? Proudly, we are one of the main source and destination for Libyan sponsored and self funded students willing to study oversea, our reputation and hard work make us the first choice for many students. Successfully, we could manage to place hundreds of students in schools and universities in schools and universities in many countries and support them while they are overseas. An attractive dynamic and up to date website with enormous number of visitors from many courtiers around the world. your institution’s Logo and name will appear on our website. in addition to counseling our students about your institution and courses. we will advertise and represent your organization in sincere and honest manner , that will include : Your institution will have a full page in our website and printed version in our offices. The page will have all these information:

  • Picture and Description of the school or university.
  • Courses offered and options of study
  • Costs for main courses
  • Options and cost of any services provide by your schools or university.
  • Special offers, activates and news.
  • How to apply, admission procedure and main requirements.
  • Direct link to your website

How we market your courses and ourselves :- First of all we believe that nothing better advertising than the students satisfaction and this is our primary goal. We are proud our self to partner with the best education institutions and education provider which are provide high level of teaching methods and methodology. We are so serious about choosing our partner, we expect from our partners to give extra care to our prospective students and provide them the education and services they need, in return Student of Tomorrow will be very keen to represent your organization professionally, promote your courses and send you genuine students who are their goal is to achieve high marks in their desired degree or program. Nevertheless, the company has strategy to increase the number of satisfied students by the mean of:

  • TV advertising.
  • Radio advertisement.
  • Organize seminars
  • producing our own brochures periodically.
  • participating in national and international events.
  • distribute gifts and promotional materials e.g. calendars, pens and medals ..etc
  • page and adds on Facebook.
  • Adds in local Newspaper and magazine .
  • LCD TV playing videos about schools, university , campuses and education.
  • Internet advertisement in famous websites.
  • Having our own Forum

interesting doesn’t it.! be our partner today. To become our partner: send us an email and we will get in touch with you ASAP: you may also send us a Draft agreement info@student.ly or use this form thanks for your consideration.