The first step: research and selection Student should decide and determine their preferred course of field of study , however Students of tomorrow can help youfind a course that suitable for you and provide advice from an academic experts on the academic and English language requirements for entry. through our website you can search the country , city and the university or college which provide your degree or program of study. Apply for the program using this form.

second step: processing your request After selecting the desired program accurately and get all information about the course and the institution , you should as student provide and meet all the conditions and requirement requested by the institute for both aspects academic and language requirements. You may provide us with all your documents and it will be checked by our self and our expertise academic placement team, if we believe that you met the institution requirements , then application will be filled in by student under our supervision then application and other students documents will be send to the institution for processing.

Note: Some universities require an initial charge before considering your application, in such case you can pay us by any mean of payment check how to pay, and therefore we will pay the fees to the university or college on your behalf and send the receipt from the university to you.

Get offer or response The university or college will contact us regarding your application, response will be only one of three outcomes :

  • you have been accepted Conditionally or unconditionally.
  • applicant have not been accepted due to certain reason will be explained in response letter.
  • further information or requirements needed, we will contact the student regarding these information or requirement , obtain them form the student then send to the university and wait for the outcome.

From our website from your account the student can login and find out in what stage he is now, easily he can follow up his application and can be informed immediately, by email, online information or SMS messages of any update or outcome. The time required for acceptance The time it takes to get the acceptance varies from one program to another and from one university to another.

In general:

Acceptances for English courses or any other Language courses from 1 to 5 working days + the time to send the acceptance letter by express mail services.
Acceptances for Bachelor degree from 1 to 3 weeks.
Acceptances for MBA from 3 to 5 weeks.
Acceptances for Ph.D. from 4 to 6 weeks and sometimes even more.